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Formation of the concept of sustainability and competitiveness of medical organizations based on the synergistic effect of the interaction of economic entities in the cluster structure


Manana Maridashvili, Davit Meparishvili, Sofiko Gvinianidze

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     This article represents overview of concept of sustainability and competitiveness of medical organizations. The consideration of the concepts "organizational economic sustainability" and "competitiveness" in a separate context leads to an unobjectively assessment of the effectiveness of the activities of medical organizations. As a result, interdependent issues are considered separately, which is due to the specifics of the use of products by medical organizations.

In addition, it should be noted that the sustainability of the organization in market conditions is impossible (neither at the expense of the brand, nor through external or internal investment, etc.) without the competitiveness of its own product. Sustainability without competitiveness is only possible in a highly centralized, planned economy in the absence of fierce competition among producers.


medical organizations
concept of sustainability and competitiveness
cluster structure
the synergy of interdependence.


Manana Maridashvili, Davit Meparishvili, Sofiko Gvinianidze


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