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Payment and delivery

We accept bank cards, e-money and wire transfers for payment.

Means of payment

You can make payment by any mean that is convenient for you:

In a case of acceptance of the publication after reviewing we will send you calculation of its cost and payment details.

Publishing services are paid within 3 working days after the article is accepted and the calculation is sent.

All calculations are made in Euro. An author should calculate the amount of payment in national currency at current rate of the Central (national) Bank of the country of the payer on the date of payment.


The printed publication is sent within 35 business days after the end date of the acceptance of articles. Each parcel is assigned a tracking number.

The electronic version of the publication is sent within 30 days from the last date of articles acceptance for current issue.

Remind me about publication

We will send email in a few days before a deadline

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