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Translating Al-Fuzai’s ‘Predicament’


Dohal, Gassim H.

Rubric:Study of art and cultural studies
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Khalil I. Al-Fuzai (1940 -   ) is a contemporary writer from the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He wrote several collections of stories that deal with a number of social issues. He also has many articles in magazines and newspapers. Dohal (2021) wrote an article about Al-Fuzai entitled “Al-Fuzai: A Saudi Arabian Writer” and translated a number of his stories like: “No Rendezvous” (Dohal, 2020), “Resolution” (Dohal, 2021), and “The Passage of Time” (Dohal, 2021).

The story ‘Predicament’ 1 is one of the stories of the collection A Moment of Collapse and Other Stories published by the Literary Club in Tabuk in the year 2000 AD. The story presents jealousy as a social topic that may affect family life. In addition to addressing the issue of tourism, it is important in renewing family morale. 2


Al-Fuzai; Saudi; short story; Predicamnet.


Dohal, Gassim H.

Rubric:Study of art and cultural studies


Translator’s Notes:

  1. Al-Fuzai, Khalil.  A Moment of Collapse and Other Stories. لحظة انهيار و قصص أخرى Tabouk: Tabouk Literary Club, 2000: pp. 49-59.
  2. This introduction is intended to put the story in its context.
  3. Such an ellipsis is found in the source and I keep it while translating the story.
  4. 5/3/1997 AD: This date is found in the Arabic source; apparently it is the date of this piece of writing.



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