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Vasntsov's motives in the space of modern Ukrainian Orthodox churches


Yuliia Khlystun

Rubric:Theory and history of art
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The article is devoted to the study of the most/least common iconographic plots based on Vasnetsov's brush in the interior space of modern Ukrainian Orthodox churches. The author discusses the reasons for the choice from the point of view of cultural studies. Why are they relevant to the early 21st century? In this article, we will consider the inclusion of Vasnetsov's motifs in the programs for painting modern Ukrainian churches, what significance they have in the space of the temple, as well as time and space in Vasnetsov's artworks themselves.

The purpose of the work is to determine the most common iconographic scenes (created by V. M. Vasnetsov) in the inner space of Orthodox churches in the east of Ukraine, features of time and space in these subjects, as well as the reasons that incline designers and customers of church painting to such a choice.

Methods: iconographic, iconological, cultural, hermeneutical, historical-comparative, observational, analysis and synthesis, semiotic.


monumental church painting
church painting program
church art
Orthodox church
iconographic plot.


Yuliia Khlystun

Rubric:Theory and history of art


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