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Design of Li-Ion batteries for portable electric transport


Tatarchuk Tetiana Vasylivna, Seredenko Kyrylo Artemovych, Oleksenko Oleksandra Serhiivna,

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During the work, the designs of traction batteries for portable electric transport were considered and analyzed. Serious flaws have been revealed that battery manufacturers carefully hide. The inability of balancing BMS boards to prevent long-term effects of overcurrent on elements has been theoretically proven. The next task of our research was the design and manufacture of the first Li-ion battery, which in its design was similar to factory analogues. During the operation of the battery, the inability of the BMS board to regulate the charge current was practically observed. After analyzing the shortcomings of the first Li-ion battery prototype, they concluded that it was hopeless. The production of the second Li-ion battery, taking into account the shortcomings of the previous prototype, and its operation did not meet the expectations of the authors. And she also pointed out her hopelessness.


Li-ion batteries
balancing BMS boards
service life


Tatarchuk Tetiana Vasylivna, Seredenko Kyrylo Artemovych, Oleksenko Oleksandra Serhiivna,



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