China’s Vaccine Diplomacy

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China’s Vaccine Diplomacy


Shan Jason

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This research examines the difference in rolling out COVID vaccines in China and the United States amid increased political tension. Additionally, considered is the impact of these nations' actions on Latin American countries; for example, This research takes a closer look at the social and economic impacts in these countries as well as the manner and motivations in which China and the United States offered to help other nations during the pandemic. Examples include Venezuela, El Salvador, Paraguay, Brazil,  Ecuador, and Honduras. Specifically, China used strategic diplomacy, and the United States disregarded regions it did not value. On the other hand, China seemed to have quicker responses and succeeded in filling empty power vacuums. Furthermore, has the success of these nations' vaccine policies changed the global power distribution? As a result, China was able to benefit from deteriorating international relationships. Additionally, China flexed its influence to leverage diplomacy over the countries as the United States struggled with execution. Has the pandemic revealed a global power shift or the strengths and weaknesses of dominant nations?


Political Tension
United States
Global Power


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