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Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making in the Supply Chain


Lily Petriashvili, Tinatin Kaishauri, Nona Otkhozoria

Rubric:Information Technology
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a technology that has the potential to significantly impact organizational decision-making. In Supply Chain (SCM), data analysis and organizational decision-making plays a crucial role in providing insights into various aspects of the supply chain such as, relevant goods, inventory levels, order processing times, delivery times, and transportation costs. By analyzing data, companies can identify inefficiencies in their supply chain and take corrective actions to improve performance. The SC system is a customer-oriented and integrated system that determines planning, administration, and management processes for internal/external material and related flows, formulating the optimal factor of added value. In this study, we aim to identify hazardous products by analyzing product identification information at customs checkpoints and locations where vendible items are delivered to customers. We have identified several commodity groups and substances that are potentially harmful and dangerous to human health.




Lily Petriashvili, Tinatin Kaishauri, Nona Otkhozoria


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  2. Doborjginidze G, Petriashvili L., Inaishvili M. "IMPROVING EFFICIENCY OF INVENTORY IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM." Premier Publishing - Scientific publishing in Europe and N. America 84-88. 2020.  doi:10.29013/ESR-20-1.2-84-88.


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