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8200 authors have published in our journals
60 countries
380 issues published so far
250 doctors of sciences in editorial boards

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European Science Review
30.04.19 09.06.19
Austrian Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences
The European Journal of Biomedical and Life Sciences
The European Journal of Economics and Management Sciences
The European Journal of Education and Applied Psychology
The European Journal of Literature and Linguistics
V International Youth Conference "Perspectives of Science and Education"
The European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
The European Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences
VII International Conference "Innovations and development patterns in Technical and Natural Sciences"
Actual problems of the humanities Vol. 2-2019
Science Forum
30.06.19 09.08.19
The European Journal of Arts
Innovations in technical and natural sciences Vol.1-19
IV International symposium «Humanities and Social Sciences in Europe: Achievements and Perspectives»
The European Journal of Law and Political Sciences
VIII International Conference ”Science and Society - Methods and Problems of Practical Application"
V International Congress on Social Sciences and Humanities: Building Academic Connections