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The European Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences, Issue 3/2016

Investigation of the effect of chemicals on the properties of the washing liquid on the basis of local raw materials

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/EJTNS-16-3-104-106

Pages: 104 - 106

Authors: Umedov S. K., Mirsaatova S. K., Menglibekov A. B.

Abstract: The paper examines the impact of chemicals on the properties of the new polymer reagent waste polyacrylic fabric for handling drilling fluids were prepared on formation water with high mineral content. findings from the bentonite slurry fluid loss additive reagent TACs are also given. It is shown that the initial filtration rate decreased, this is due to clogging of the pore channels of the filter cake, the lattice dispersed polymer particles

Keywords: polymer drilling mud agent, stabilization, mineralization, synthesis, rheology, produced water, viscosity, fluid loss, well

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