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The European Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences, Issue 3/2016

Enviromental conditions of former Soda PVC plant in Vlore (Albania) after the remeditation

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/EJTNS-16-3-89-92

Pages: 89 - 92

Authors: Astrit D., Dritan S.

Abstract: In this paper, we treat the evaluation of mercury concetration, in the soil samples taken in the study.These sampels are taken in the area of the ex-Plant of PVC Vlora. (Albania) after the rehabilitation of this area.The results of the samples analysis, done by CVAAS methodology, are in a higher concetration than 0.07–0.3 mg/kg (“the preliminary critical limits to prevent ecological effects” according UNEP Chemicals.).

Keywords: Pollution, concentrations of Hg, Soda-PVC, CVAAS

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