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The European Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences, Issue 3/2016

Introduction of biological resources protection against phytotoxicity fungi of the genera Fusarium and Alternaria

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/EJTNS-16-3-41-43

Pages: 41 - 43

Authors: Agayev J. T.

Abstract: The influence of pathogen Fusarium and Alternaria genus fungus toxins to germination of seeds has been studied. İn this biological control have been studied the efficiency of preparation of Zircon obtained from Echinacae purpurea L. against disease pathogens. Also the disease resistance, height and growth of test plants have increased

Keywords: Solonaceae, fungus, Fusarium, Alternaria, mycotoxin, Echinacae purpurea L., Zirkon, biological control

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