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The European Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences, Issue 3/2016

The peculiarities of production of baby food products in the Krasnodar region

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/EJTNS-16-3-35-40

Pages: 35 - 40

Authors: Gennady I. K., Dmitry E. Z., Nazarko M. D., Davydenko T. N.

Abstract: The article gives a brief overview of the production of baby food in Russia and abroad. Experimental part presents the results of research in the production of canned baby food at a new factory in Krylovskaya village, Leningrad district of the Krasnodar region. It presents recommendations on the implementation of management system of safe food at the existing plant, focused on the production of canned baby food made of raw materials of Kuban agricultural producers. It is emphasized that natural conditions and resources of Krasnodar region, which are characterized by favorable soil and climatic conditions, permit to produce better, compared to the majority of Russian regions, fruit and vegetable products for baby food

Keywords: baby food, canned fruit and vegetables, ecology of production, safety criteria, canned foods

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