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The European Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences, Issue 3/2016

Investigation of the double-ring-shaped gating system performance

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/EJTNS-16-3-15-23

Pages: 15 - 23

Authors: Vasenin V. I.

Abstract: The description of laboratory double-ring-shaped gating system is provided. The results of theoretical and experimental determination of flow rate and fluid consumption depending on the number of simultaneously working feeders are given. It is not only segregation of the part of the flow from one collector to another collector (or to a feeder) that takes place in the system but also joining of fluid flows from two collectors is observed. It has been demonstrated that the Bernoulli equation is suitable for the purposes of calculation of the gating systems with variable consumption (mass), which varies by many times at the collector as far as flow is distributed to feeders. For the purposes of calculation the gating system is divided into two rings (flows) of fluid, and every ring is subsequently divided into two halfrings. The calculation is performed using the method of successive approximations applied to obtain the specified value of the pressure head loss difference in the half-rings of each ring. Pressure head loss, fluid flow rate and consumption in feeder are calculated and compared to each other when fluid moves along several parallel hydraulic lines. Four types of pressure head losses are considered, namely losses for longitudinal friction, for local resistance, for flow segregation into several parts, for flows joining. Satisfactory conformity of experimental and calculated results has been obtained

Keywords: pouring basin, sprue, collector, feeder, pressure head, resistance coefficient, mass-flow coefficient, flow rate, fluid consumption

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