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The European Journal of Education and Applied Psychology, Issue 1/2017

Disciplines increases efficiency of teaching process in physical education

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/EJEAP-17-1-30-34

Pages: 30 - 34

Authors: Ikonomi E., Bano E., Voci D.

Abstract: Abstract: Discipline is a necessary precondition to increase the effectiveness of teaching and educational work in general, as in the case of physical education in particular. Contemporary studies stress the idea that discipline may be imposed by external control exercised by teachers or by stimulating the self-control of students. Discipline is best accomplished external control through the use of incentives and not through incentives amplifier punishment. At the physical education discipline intended to be placed almost entirely by external forms of control and especially through penalties, including psychological punishment that occupies the main problems in school. The subjects of this study were 500 pupils of several schools (9-years and medium) district Berat. The study was conducted in two phases. In the first phase, fr om April to June 2016 was identified issues that will be studied through focus group discussions with pupils and teachers. In the second phase of the study, from October to December 2016 was administered questionnaire to measure pupils. Data collected from the questionnaires were processed by statistical computer program EXEL 2010. About 99.53% pupils surveyed claimed to retribution in the presence of different levels frequently. Retribution is used routinely assert their 0.38%, 12.85% frequently and 76.87% rarely, wh ere only 9.43% of them affirm that retribution is never used in the case of physical education. In girls surveyed we see that the claim 17.14% is exercised psychological retribution of various kinds, while this was confirmed 12.37% of boys. The study shows that retribution exists in the case of physical education, which is often used to lower grade pupils and is the dominant psychological retribution

Keywords: Keywords: physical education, pupils discipline, teaching.

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