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The European Journal of Education and Applied Psychology, Issue 1/2017

The programme of the elective course “the competency-based approach in pharmaceutical education as a subject of pedagogical design”

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/EJEAP-17-1-6-10

Pages: 6 - 10

Authors: Reva T. D.

Abstract: Abstract: The article consolidates best practices in designing the content of the academic discipline (elective course) “Challenges and Issues of Modern Pharmaceutical Education” in the settings of implementation of the Bologna process concepts into the higher medical educational establishments in Ukraine. There has been proved the feasibility of the algorithm of pedagogical design and revealed the scientific and methodical approach to developing contextual, operational, final-assessment program components of the above mentioned academic discipline.

Keywords: Keywords: Bologna process, pedagogical design, the programme of the elective course, pharmaceutical education.

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