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Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Issue 7-8/2016

The mystery hidden in the picture of an unknown artist — was revealed!

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/AJH-16-7.8-3-6

Pages: 3 - 6

Authors: Yunus N.

Abstract: The artistic fact revealed in relation with the fine art in the Qajar Period occupies an important place in the article. The main factors connecting the aforementioned issue are: the types of photography and painting. Here, the painting work of the artist recognized as “unknown” for the history acts as an object and the photo of Naseraddin Shah Qajar’s wife acts as a subject. I have provided a wide artistic — technical and historical analysis on the subject by conducting comprehensive research work on the claimed fact. At the same time, two material evidences were compared, similar and common features were grounded and a conclusion was made. Note: The investigated research refers to the Qajar Period (XIX century). The nuance (the portrait of an unknown woman) remained hidden for the history of fine art over centuries is studied by me for the first time and revealed through this article

Keywords: An unknown artist, the great mystery hidden in the picture, Naseraddin Shah Qajar, the enthusiast of photography, the photo of harem woman, the portrait of a woman, Anes Al-Doleh, the work of painting; picture, bare-breasted

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