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Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Issue 7-8/2015

The interdependance of the type of temperament and form of stage fright in musical psychology

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/AJH-15-7.8-5-7

Pages: 5 - 7

Authors: Mukhitdenova B. M.

Abstract: An issue of psychological preparation of a performer to stage performance is one of the most important issues in musical and performing art. There is no artist who never suffered from negative forms of stage fright. Psychological adjustment for musical and performing activity conscribes all creative abilities, but is not always recognized by a musician. This mobilization, a search of a particular performing solution can be carried out even in those moments, when one would think that musician is not thinking about the upcoming concert

Keywords: intellectual, emotional and motive sides of the personality, stage fright.

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