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Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Issue 11-12/2015

The existential consciousness of prose of Leonid Andreev and Smagul Elubay

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/AJH-16-11.12-85-88

Pages: 85 - 88

Authors: Meiramgalieva R. M., Sarsekeeva N. K.

Abstract: Works of Andreev («Life of Basil Thebes») and Elubay («The century of doomsday») are considered in a view of an existential orientation in the article. Research of the existential problematics uniting work of Russian and Kazakh writers, opens new senses and possibilities of the further interpretation in a vein of research of modern literary and art paradigms

Keywords: existentialism, consciousness, freedom, the author, irrational, chaos, dialogue

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