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Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Issue 11-12/2015

Trilingual integration of languages and disciplines in a skills-based learning environment

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/AJH-16-11.12-56-57

Pages: 56 - 57

Authors: Yussupova T. K., Aliyeva A. Z.

Abstract: The article discusses the nature of the research work of high school students in social and humanitarian areas. Authors provide various reasons on the basis of personal experience; justify their views on the effectiveness of research, analyzing scientific works of students

Keywords: team teaching, trilingual policy, research skills, critical thinking, reflection, communication, cognition, skill-based learning, content-based learning, perspectives

1. Assessment guidance for teachers for subject “Kazakhstan in the modern world” of Nazarbayev Intellectual schools for the
2014–2015 academic year.
2. Pre-U Certificate in Global Perspectives (Short plan). University of Cambridge International Examinations 2011