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Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Issue 5-6/2014

Mythological beliefs on national jewelry of Khiva

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/AJH-15-5.6-29-30

Pages: 29 - 30

Authors: Rakhmonova Y.

Abstract: This article explains the history of ancient Khorezmian jewelry in Khiva and peoples’ beliefs on them. The social, cultural and national importance of the decorations and patterns of them are described in detail. By this article the author tries to explain the content and purpose of wearing jewelry in ancient Khorezm.

Keywords: jewelry, Khorezm – one of the regions of present day Uzbekistan, “takhiya” – a Khorezmian national skull cap designed with beautiful metal scales, “djigha” – a symbol of bird, jewelry item for headwear of governors, “osma duziy” – a jewelry item containing three teeth of wild animals, “tumor” – amulet worn round the neck with pendent which has the lines of Quran in it, “huyi par” – a feather of eagle-owl hooked on takhiya, “Ichan Kala” – the inner city in Khiva where the residence of Khorezmian shahs situated, “feruza” – a precious stone which is in turquoise color, “Shabaka” – the most popular technique of jewelry making, “Falkol Ark” – the residence of shah

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