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Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Issue 5-6/2017


DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/AJH-17-5.6-46-52

Pages: 46 - 52

Authors: Gonzalez J.

Abstract: Abstract Objective: To establish the relation between extremist liberalism and the growth of conservative nationalism in the United States from 2016–2017. Research method: Historical analysis, critical discourse analysis and logical method. Result:. The analysis of two signature currents of the liberal movement in the U. S. like third wave feminism and gender ideology and the extremization of some of its members provides a different approach to the understanding of the growth of extremist conservatism and nationalism. Sectors of the society that for years, have been neglected and sometimes ashamed for who they are, reaching the point of censorship by the then dominant ideology, started to reveal against who they considered was striping them off of their identity. An extremist liberal discourse that attacks those who disagree or who simply are different, should be moderate by other members of the movement. Liberalism, in its currents of extremist feminism and gender ideology can be partially responsible for the perceived growth of extremist conservatism and nationalism in the U. S. seen in 2016–2017. Scientific novelty: the growth of conservative nationalism in the US has not been deeply explored having the possibility of extremist liberalism as its source that pushes conservatism to extremism. Practical significance: this research can be used in areas of policy making and security that prevent the extremization of the population and dealing of violent groups’ activities.

Keywords: Keywords: Extremism, United States, nationalism, conservatism, liberal extremism.

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