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Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Issue 5-6/2017


DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/AJH-17-5.6-25-31

Pages: 25 - 31

Authors: Dsevickaya L.

Abstract: Abstract Objective: The purpose of the publication is to disclose the main linguistic and extra-linguistic aspects that contribute to the adequate translation of special economic terms. Methods: The research was conducted with the use of research methods: theoretical (analysis of psycho-pedagogical and linguistic literature), empirical (observation of the educational process and study of pedagogical experience in order to study the specifics of the translation of special economic terms); own linguistic (component and etymological analysis). The results of the study have developed an algorithm for the adequate translation of terms and terminology in the texts of the economic profile. It is proved that, in its cognitive function, the language of translation is minimally dependent on the grammatical composition of the language. The adequacy of the translation depends largely on the understanding of the internal form of the non-equivalent lexicon, which states the non-differentiation of the species economic concept in the target languages. The scientific novelty of the proposed research is to identify the system of characteristic features of the modeling of the translation of economic texts based on the analysis of the lexical composition and morpho-syntactic structure of terms; component analysis of the internal form of terms and term combinations; linguocultural and etymological analysis of key terms; definition of the criteria of functional discourse of unambiguous terms and terms-doublets. The practical significance of the performed research is to apply techniques that promote adequate translation at the following levels: 1) heterogeneity in lexical composition, lexico-grammatical structure of terms; 2) heterogeneity of grammatical forms of one of the components of the comparable economic terms; 3) heterogeneity of grammatical forms (change of case form of the main (pronounced) noun; indirect pronouns of the noun in the structure of the term of the language of translation and the introduction of prepositions; change of number — singular/plural with the change of case form and including the introduction of prepositions; heterogeneity in the lexical meaning of nuclear/non-nuclear and additional components). Separate consideration was given to the algorithm of the translation of the non-equivalent economic terminology, which provides lingvo-cultural justification, since the background economic context determines the specifics of the translation of special terminological units.

Keywords: Keywords: translation method; economic term; non-equivalent economic term

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