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Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Issue 1-2/2017


DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/AJH-17-1.2-210-218

Pages: 210 - 218

Authors: Starkova N. O.

Abstract: Objective: to determine the main tendencies and prospects of the development of Russian oil and gas complex on base of the assessment of the factors determining its condition. Methods: comparison, generalization, observation, systemic analysis, data grouping, theoretical cognition, the method of analogy and historical method. Results: on the base of analysis of scientific literature, analytical reviews and statistical data the basic reasons of an unstable current condition of the modern oil-and-gas sector developing on extensive type of economic growth are established. On the base of the research of influence of factors of development of sector on its current condition and the prospects of growth revealed that in modern period the Russian oil and gas industry has rich resource potential, however because of particularly complex climatic conditions their production is highly costly and low effective. Increase in efficiency requires considerable concentration of efforts in the direction of research and implementation of the innovations oriented to enhancement of methods of production and ensuring development and large-scale implementation of chemicals (catalysts) providing deeper crude oil refining and natural gas. It can be performed on the base of upgrade of theoretic and methodical knowledges of modern structure of Russian oil and gas industry and the oil and gas market, forms and methods of its regulation and development and also initiation of processes of deep monitoring and the analysis of the factors influencing a status of the oil and gas industry and market with use of modern applied tools of the analysis and forecasting of condition of an industry and its influence on economic growth in the country. Scientific novelty: in article are clarified the factors influencing a status and development of the oil and gas market and an oil and gas industry. In conclusion of author’s research are specified the main directions of development and enhancement of system of functioning of an oil-and-gas sector of the Russian Federation oriented to an innovative way of development under the influence of modern conditions and tendencies. Practical importance: basic provisions and conclusions of article can be used in scientific and pedagogical activities for consideration of questions of the device of industrial structure of economy of the Russian Federation, a condition of an oil and gas industry, and also for further enhancement of a research of processes of functioning and development of Russian oil and gas industry.

Keywords: oil and gas complex, oil, gas, shale oil, development of an industry, innovation, perfection

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