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Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Issue 1-2/2017


DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/AJH-17-1.2-75-81

Pages: 75 - 81

Authors: Petrov V. B.

Abstract: Objective: to identify the originality of the poetics of the play N. Erdman «Mandate» in the context of the development of the satirical genres of the 20‑ies of XX century. Methods: a descriptive, comparative and historical-genetic. Results: on the basis of textual analysis of a play by N. Erdman «Mandate» in the context of the satirical drama characteristic features of his creative manner. A specific view at social contradictions induced the satirists of different genres, including N. Erdman, refer to the methods of feuilleton poetry. In the 1920‑ies feuilleton poetics (satirical sharpening and caricaturising, hyperbole and the grotesque, farcical parody and bringing events to the point of absurdity) had a great influence on drama («Zoikina kvartira» Mikhail Bulgakov, «The Bedbug» and «Bath» Mayakovsky, «The Mandate» and «The Suicide» N. Erdman), because of the talented playwrights not only exposed the social mimicry of the former owners of life, but also ridiculed very tenacious of the petty bourgeoisie and the emerging Soviet bureaucracy. Scientific novelty: the article first details the influence of the feuilleton poetics in the artistic style of the Erdman-satirist. Practical relevance: the research results and conclusions of the article can be used in research and teaching in the consideration of issues related to individual stylistic manner N. Erdman and features of the formation of the satirical genres of the early twentieth century.

Keywords: Erdman «Mandate», the drama, the techniques of feuilleton poetics.

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