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Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, Issue 11-12/2016


DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/AJH-17-11.12-25-32

Pages: 25 - 32

Authors: Senchenkov N. P., Naletova N. Y.

Abstract: Abstract Objective: to Reveal and to systematize the methodological foundations of the study of the Genesis of educational processes in the Russian historical and pedagogical science. Methods: the authors apply a range of theoretical (synthesis, analysis, classification, modelling) and historicalpedagogical methods (historical-structural, historical-genetic, historical-comparative) to the study of the Genesis of educational processes in different historical contexts. Results: revealed the leading theoretical and methodological approaches in historical and pedagogical research; broadened the methodological perspective of the study and possible forecasting of educational processes in General. Scientific novelty: the article first describes the problems of modern epistemology in historical and pedagogical science. The article presents the complex methodological approaches to the study of the processes of formation and development of education in totality and contradiction. Practical relevance: the main provisions and conclusions of the article can be used in the development of textbooks, teaching and methodical manuals on disciplines “History of pedagogy”; in teaching the courses “Philosophy of education”, “Methodology of scientific research”.

Keywords: methodology, history of pedagogy, methodological approaches, Genesis, the educational process

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Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences 11-12 (2016) Pedagogy
ISSN 2310-5593 (Print) / ISSN 2519-1209 (Online)
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