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The European Journal of Literature and Linguistics, Issue 2/2016

Things that are saying: material world in lyrics of Ulla Hahn

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/EJLL-16-2-39-42

Pages: 39 - 42

Authors: Pavlyuk K. B.

Abstract: The article outlines the differences between female model picture of the world presented in the modern German poetry of the Ulla Khan. In particular, the features of the coexistence of I‑identity and You-identity in the lyrical text through the prism of the world of things that appear by analyzing poems of William Hahn at lingo-poetry. It is noted in the following distinguishing features works of the poet as a bold game of ambiguity, the interpretation of traditional meanings and mental dominance over the flesh

Keywords: female poetry, intertextuality, poetry ‘new subjectivity’, language of lyrical text, linguistic constructivism, artistic detail

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