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The European Journal of Literature and Linguistics, Issue 2/2016

Reconsidering translation as a learning tool in the ESP classroom

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/EJLL-16-2-25-28

Pages: 25 - 28

Authors: Cenaj M.

Abstract: Translation as a learning tool was abandoned together with grammar translation method of teaching, being regarded as an approach that does not foster communication in the language classroom. The case study aims to shed some light on the preferences of sports students on the use of translation in the ESP classroom. Moreover, it aims to identify if translation activities are used as a teaching strategy to facilitate and improve English language skills by ESP teachers in Albania. The study was conducted at Sports University of Tirana and the data on students’ preferences were gathered through a questionary. Some English teachers were also questioned about the use of translation when teaching their classes. The data were then procesed and the results revealed that students use translation in one way or another, directly or inderectly, when they are learning English and they find it very useful. All the data form both questioneries show that translation is not at all abandoned or unusful in the language classroom, especially in the ESP classes

Keywords: translation, translation activities, ESP teachers

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