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The European Journal of Literature and Linguistics, Issue 2/2018


DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/EJLL-18-2-16-19

Pages: 16 - 19

Authors: Kamala J. A.

Abstract: Abstract: The article is devoted to interference in the context of word co-occurrence. Currently, one of the pressing issues of linguistics remains that of word co-occurrence. Its importance is evident: the most complex and conflicting language norms refer to co-occurrence. Within this paper we’ll consider the word co-occurrence as a problem of cross-language interference. Interference often results in the failure of mutual understanding among people, thus the addressing co-occurrence from the perspective of interference is of a major importance as it serves to anticipate errors and facilitate their correction. The paper also considers main types of word co-occurrence that generates interference

Keywords: Keywords: interference; bilingualism; word co-occurrence; language contacts; lingual interference.

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