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European Science Review, Issue 3-4/2018


DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/ESR-18-3.4-235-238

Pages: 235 - 238

Authors: Zhurlov O. S., Grudinin D. A., Mushinskiy A. A., Yakovlev I. G.

Abstract: Abstract: The article analyzes the methodological features of sampling soil for agrochemical, microbiological and metagenomic analysis. The possibility of integrating soil sampling methods on the basis method for sampling soil from equidistant points with GPS positioning is discussed, as a single methodical technique, most accurately reflecting the features of the distribution of physical and chemical properties and microbial communities of soil. Standardization of soil sampling methods for physicochemical, microbiological and metagenomic research is necessary for the construction of a GIS “Microbial communities of agricultural landscape”.

Keywords: Keywords: agroecology, bacterial communities, agricultural landscape, geographic information system (GIS).

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