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European Science Review, Issue 1-2/2015

Research on the cultivation of tobacco of “bare handle” ecotype by using a clean technology and the production-market valuation of the raw material

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/ESR-15-1.2-71-74

Pages: 71 - 74

Authors: Drachev D. T.

Abstract: The researches on the oriental eco type tobaccos in the Balkan Peninsula gaining in popularity. The reasons are the technological quality of the tobacco, intended for smoking with parallel opportunities for utilization of alternative yields of aromatic products, contained in the dry leaves and the strong demand of the characteristically oriental material on the market. In this guidance is the perimeter of this research, outlined in the article as part of an innovative solution for the realization of the raw material with the desired production results and market attractiveness. The research was carried out with “bare handle” ecotype oriental variety of tobacco by using elements of a pure technology of cultivation. Observations are displayed of agro-technical variations of events. There are established farming indicators on two technologies of cultivation. There are proven technology indicators of the overall level of quality. It is exposed a convincing technological hypothesis about technology of not using fertilizers and pesticides, which ensures limited accumulated levels of undesirable substances in the tobacco, which increasing its market attractiveness. It proves an increased resistance to drought. It has been shown through the evaluation of the raw material for commercial classes, consolidated of the qualitative level of the studied type

Keywords: Oriental tobacco production, tobacco quality, organic farming, organic vegetable product

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