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European Science Review, Issue 1-2/2015

Modernization of modern Russian education: the formation of an innovative educational environment

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/ESR-15-1.2-68-70

Pages: 68 - 70

Authors: Struk N. M., Gavrilova N. I.

Abstract: The article analyzes the role of innovative environment in the formation of modern Russian education. In this context innovations in education are studied as a unique quality of the social mechanism that ensures resource development of both individuals, and society as a whole

Keywords: innovation; education; educational process; learning environment; modernization.

1. This paper summarizes the results of studies of CCSR NR ISTU in 2006–2014 years. See: Struk N. M., Gavrilova N. I.,
Struk E. N., Guzik M. V. The quality of employment of graduates as the criterion of self-esteem of university//Intrahigh
school systems of ensuring the quality of specialists training: Proceedings of the IV International scientific-practical conference/
Ed. by E. N. Osokin. – Krasnoyarsk, 2006. – P. 101–104.
2. Struk N. M., Gavrilova N. I. Upbringing problems in the conditions of formation of a new educational space//Bulletin
of ISTU. – 2013. – № 1 – P. 282–288.
3. The modernization of russian education: problems and prospects/Ed. by M. K. Gorshkov and F. E. Sherega. – М.: CSP
and M, – 2010.