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European Science Review, Issue 1-2/2015

On problems of safe information impact of Internet on students

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/ESR-15-1.2-49-51

Pages: 49 - 51

Authors: Shadiev R. D., Yozieva U. L.

Abstract: Formation of a new type of social system -information society has increased the role of knowledge, gradually transforming it into main capital, and consequently, changed the role of education in structuring social life, providing fundamentally new possibilities for individualization which enables to take into account the peculiarities of self-consciousness and self-assessment of each student, his/her psychological, physical and mental abilities. In the article special attention is paid to the fact that not all Internet data are positive and can be used in educational purposes, educator must be familiar with the means for preventing negative psychological-pedagogical consequences, simultaneously developing informational culture of students.

Keywords: Internet, information impact, world view, thought, morality, information security, educational information.

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