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European Science Review, Issue 1-2/2017

Thermodynamic properties of LSCO Cuprates in the Nonsuperconducting State

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/ESR-17-1.2-255-256

Pages: 255 - 256

Authors: Nadareishvili M., Kiziria E., Sokhadze V., Tvauri G., Tsakadze S.

Abstract: The investigations of low-temperature heat capacity in pure (y=0) and Zn-doped La1.84Sr0.16Cu1–yZnyO4 samples (y=0.033 and 0.06) have been performed by high-precision differential pulsed calorimeter (DPC) measuring the heat capacities under the thermodinamicaly equilibrium conditions in contrast to the commonly used differential scanning calorimeters (DSC). The anomaly of a low-temperature heat capacity which has a wide peak form and is related with Zn impurity was observed in the nonsuperconducting state in agreement with the neutron scattering experiments. The shape of anomaly indicates that Zn-induced magnetic ordering transition is of the first order transition type in the investigated cases. The anomaly shifts to higher temperatures with the increase of Zn content as it is characteristic of the anomalies of magnetic nature in contrast to anomalies of phonon heat capacity

Keywords: Calorimeter, differential calorimeter, High temperature Superconductors, Superconducting Cuprates

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