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European Science Review, Issue 1-2/2017

Comparative analysis of tubercular lymphadenopathy clinical pattern in hiv and non-hiv patients

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/ESR-17-1.2-133-136

Pages: 133 - 136

Authors: Fayzullaeva D.

Abstract: 156 patients suffering from tuberculous lymphadenopathy (TL) were examined at the Republican AIDS Center and the Republican Specialized Applied Research Medical Center of Phthisiology and Pulmonology. based on the obtained results we suggest on the apparent exacerbation of TL in case of HIV infection. Thereat, symptoms changed along with the rapid development of HIV terminal stage. The clinical signs of TL in HIV-infected patients include a great variety of symptoms of local and general origin. TL course as compared with that in non-HIV patients especially in the progression stage is far severer and contributes to the mortality in patients reported with such comorbidity. Section 8. Medical science 134 The clinical pattern features of concurrent TL and HIV-infection have been associated with the progressive formation of infectious and toxic syndrome.

Keywords: tuberculous lymphadenopathy, HIV-infected patients.

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