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European Science Review, Issue 1-2/2017

Polymorphisms (rs1048943) (1799853) (rs 2740574) of СYP1 А1, СYP2 С9, СYP3 А4 genes at Uzbek population

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/ESR-17-1.2-65-67

Pages: 65 - 67

Authors: Abdurakhmanova N. N.

Abstract: Clinically important genes СYP1 А1, СYP2 С9, СYP3 А4 were studied for the first time in Uzbek population, for 217 healthy voluntaries. The frequencies of minor alleles СYP1 А1*2 С, СYP2 С9*2, СYP3 А4*1 В were 6,7, 9,4, and 3,2% respectively and corresponded to Caucasian. For 3 alleles the genotype frequencies were in accordance with Hardy–Weinberg equilibrium. The absence of homozygous СYP1 А1*2 С, СYP2 С9*2, СYP3 А4*1 В was revealed. 86,6, 81,1, and 93,5% were homozygous for wild alleles, 13,4, 18,9 и 6,5% were heterozygotes СYP1 А1*2 С, СYP2 С9*2, СYP3 А4*1 В respectively. The intermediate surplus of observed heterozygotes on expected heterozygotes was shown for СYP1 А1*2 С, СYP2 С9*2.

Keywords: СYP1 А1, СYP2 С9, СYP3 А4, Uzbek population

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