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European Science Review, Issue 1-2/2017

The growing and branching model of ephemera of central Asia

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/ESR-17-1.2-12-17

Pages: 12 - 17

Authors: Tursinbaeva G. S.

Abstract: It has been described a model of branching and growing of 22 species of ephemers from 4 families: Asteraceae, Brassicaceae, Chenopodiaceae, Fabaceae of Kyzylkum desert. It has been distinguished 5 types of shoots growing: monopodial with apical and lateral-apical dominance, hemisympodial, sympodial and pseudo dichotomy in generative period of ontogenesis. It has been given a range of variety signs by 8 morphological indexes. The description was confirmed by 19 figures — schemes. It has been noted a predominance basitonic branching.

Keywords: growing model, branching, generative period, ephemer, Kyzylkum

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