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European Science Review, Issue 9-10/2016

Dependencies to determine the measure of damage and calculation of residual life of reinforced concrete superstructure, exposed to salt corrosion

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/ESR-16-9.10-210-212

Pages: 210 - 212

Authors: Saatova N. Z.

Abstract: In this paper we consider the current method of determining the measure of damage of concrete and reinforcement. The proposed dependence measures of damage, convenient for use in predicting the life of structures superstructures. The practical method of calculation determination of residual resource of the exploited superstructures developed. The main source of data for calculating the residual life are the parameters defined by the technical diagnosis

Keywords: measures the damage, resource forecasting, exhaustion bearing capacity of the structure, corrosion of concrete and reinforcement, the remaining service life, load-bearing capacity

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