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European Science Review, Issue 9-10/2016

The main ways to reduce energy costs at the enterprises of the cement industry of Uzbekistan

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/ESR-16-9.10-201-203

Pages: 201 - 203

Authors: Odamov U. O.

Abstract: At the article are presented the results of research on more efficient use of fuel and energy resources in cement production. There are defined objectives and main ways of reducing energy consumption in the cement industry

Keywords: energy expenses, energy-saving, energy consumption, energy efficiency, optimal allocation of energy resources

1. Presidential Decree of the Republic of Uzbekistan from May 5, 2015 PP‑2343 “About the program to reduce the energy intensity of the
measures, the introduction of energy saving technologies in the fields of economy and social sphere for – 2015–2019.”
2. URL: http: www.uzsm.uz Joint Stock Company “UZBUILDMATERIALS”.
3. Feasibility study on the introduction of automated system flue gas composition analysis system at the rotary kilns.