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European Science Review, Issue 9-10/2016

Evaluation of the influence of meteorological factors on the aeration zone and the groundwater regime using Gis and Mike Sheimitating models

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/ESR-16-9.10-191-193

Pages: 191 - 193

Authors: Muradov N.

Abstract: As is known in the groundwater regime is influenced by precipitation, surface runoff and evaporation of soil moisture. In the arid climate for crop production in the initial phase of the plant the determining factor is the condition of aeration zone, which is determined by the level of groundwater. And in areas prone to soil salinity, groundwater regime is determined by the state of irrigated lands: the rise of level or increasing salinity pose a risk to soil salinity, soil salinity reduces the productivity of irrigated lands and irrigation water. Along with this assessment of groundwater regime, especially its state level under the influence of precipitation and runoff are difficult scientific problem. The solution of this important agricultural production is the subject of this Article

Keywords: runoff, groundwater, aeration zone, ground water level, groundwater regime, atmospheric condensation, soil salinization.

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