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European Science Review, Issue 9-10/2016

Trace elements of indicate-plants on dried bottom of the Aral Sea

DOI: https://doi.org/10.29013/ESR-16-9.10-27-29

Pages: 27 - 29

Authors: Sherimbetov S. G., Sherimbetov A. G.

Abstract: According to the latest scientific data, the decrease of Aral Sea water surface by more than 5.5 million hectares was registered. In a typical salt marsh, with the presence of salts and high mineralization level of groundwater, vegetation of annual halophytes is becoming more diverse. According to our research, the adaptation of various plants to the current natural environment is observed on the dried-up areas in the south-east Aral Sea

Keywords: Aral Sea, element, indicator, plants, soil.

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