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Peer review process

All manuscripts submitted to Premier Publishing s.r.o journals undergo single blind peer review. An outline of this process is available on the peer review schematic. Authors may lodge an appeal against an editorial decision. They should send grounds for their appeal to [email protected] The appeal will be heard by the Editor-in-Chief in conjunction with one or more Editorial Board members or Associate Editors. The Editor-in-Chief's decision on the appeal will be final.

Portability of peer review

Premier Publishing s.r.o supports thorough and efficient peer review and has put in place streamlined processes to allow for rapid peer review and avoid unnecessary re-review of revised manuscripts. In cases where a manuscript reporting sound science does not reach the interest level set for a given Premier Publishing s.r.o journal and is rejected, the authors may be offered the option to transfer their manuscript to another Premier Publishing s.r.o journal provided it is in scope of that journal. In such cases, the peer reviewers’ reports are also transferred to the other journal.

Before the authors are contacted regarding a possible manuscript transfer, the Editor-in-Chief may share the manuscript with the Editors-in-Chief of other Premier Publishing s.r.o journals. Authors, who do not wish their manuscript to be shared with other Premier Publishing s.r.o journals should mention this in their cover letter. Peer reviewers, who do not wish to have their report shared with other Premier Publishing s.r.o journals should mention this in the confidential comments to the Editor-in-Chief section of their report.

Should authors agree to have their manuscript transferred to another Premier Publishing s.r.o journal for evaluation it does not imply that their manuscript will be accepted for publication by the other journal. In some occasions the Editor-in-Chief of the receiving journal may decide to conduct their own peer review and/or reject the manuscript.


Updated 08 December 2018