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List of publications for


How much does it cost to publish an article?

Cost of the publication depends on the edition, where you want to publish your article, on its content and page count.

The approximate price is specified on our website in the description of each edition. Exact cost is calculated after the publishing house has received the author’s application with the attached article. In case the publishing house accepts the article, you will receive the message with complete calculation of cost and all possible payment methods by mail within 5 days.

Could you specify the terms of publication of the article, please?

Each edition has its own terms of publication, these terms are specified on the website of the publishing house in the description of each edition.

You will receive the electronic version of the edition within 30 days fr om the last date of reception of materials in the edition.

Which of your journals have GIF and Index Copernicus impact factor?

The GIF Impact Factor 1.36 is assigned to The European Science Review for 2018.

The GIF Impact Factor 0.248 is assigned to The European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences for 2018. Also, this journal has been included in Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory and got Index Copernicus impact factor of 64.80 for 2016.

The European Journal of Technical and Natural Sciences got Index Copernicus impact factor of 80.97 for 2018.

For 2018, The European Journal of Biomedical and Life Sciences calculated the Impact Factor of 0.562.

For 2018, the Impact Factor of 0.764 was assigned to The European Journal of Economics and Management Sciences.

The European Journal of Literature and Linguistics got the Impact Factor of 0.188 for 2018.

Can I get to know, when I receive the printed copy of the journal?

The printed publication is sent within 35 business days after the end date of the acceptance of articles. Each parcel is assigned a tracking number, which can be used to track it.

The electronic version of the publication is sent within 30 days from the last date of material reception by the publisher.   

What maximum number of articles can be published in one collection?

The number of articles by one author isn't limited. We recommend publishing no more than 5 articles in one edition.

How can I find out, whether my article has passed the expert evaluation for publication in the journal?

As soon as the article is reviewed, we will send you the result of reviewing.

Where can I learn about the requirements to drawing up and submission of articles and about the conditions of publication (language, cost, payment procedure)?

There are different requirements to different editions. The requirements and an example of drawing up of an article, as well as the conditions of publication are specified on our website in the complete description of each edition. You can just choose the edition you need and find all the necessary information on its page.

Which scientific databases include your journals

DOI numbers are assigned to all articles issued in our journals. The prefix of our publishing house is 10.20534, by this prefix you can find our publishing house in the list of the member organizations on the website of the agency: www.crossref.org/06members/50go-live.html.

Does your publishing house carry out conferences, one of the working languages of which is French (Spanish, Italian, Chinese, etc.)?

Unfortunately, it doesn't. Working languages in our editions are English and Russian.

How can I get access to viewing the online version of the journals?

You can view the online versions of journals on our website in the section Archive.

I would like to publish an article. Wh ere should I send it? What are the requirements to the drawing up?

You should choose the edition wh ere you want to send an article, draw up the article and the application according to the requirements and send the materials to us.

There are different requirements to different editions. The requirements and an example of drawing up of an article, as well as the conditions of publication are specified on our website in the complete description of each edition.

After reviewing of the publication, in case of its acceptance, we will send you the calculation of cost of the publication and details for payment.

I would like to subscribe to journals on problems of pedagogics and philology. Is the subscription paid or free?

We have no postal subscription. You can read journals with free access on our website in the section Archive

I need a reference to confirm that the materials are accepted and that they will be published in the collection of articles.

If you need the confirmation reference, you should inform us about it at the address [email protected]. The references are prepared and provided within 2 working days after payment for the publication.

Is it obligatory to send you the copy of the payment receipt?

It is obligatory to attach the scan copy of the receipt as bank payment can be conducted during three working days. Search for payment can take a long time, and the publication of article can occur only after confirmation of payment of the arrangement fee.