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List of publications for

Calculate cost of a monograph publication
Рассчитайте стоимость издания монографии
Autumn is a beautiful time for publication of scientific monographs. Premier Publishing has a wonderful gift for all of our clients: we added an online calculator to our site books.ppublishing.org/en, which will instantly calculate the cost of publication! It’s never been easier to find out the publication cost of your monograph! You can try it right now!


Impact Factor GIF was also assigned to two magazines
Импакт-фактор GIF присвоен еще двум журналам
In July 2018, the Global Impact Factor was assigned to two more magazines of publishing house Premier Publishing.


Global Impact Factor, Index Copernicus
Включение журналов в базы данных

We are often asked which journal has GIF and Index Copernicus impact factor, and now we would like to tell you about it.


We expand the sphere of cooperation
Расширяем сферу сотрудничества

The publishing house Premier Publishing s.r.o. (Prague, Czech Republic) united with the publishing house “East West” Association for Advanced Studies and Higher Education GmbH (Vienna, Austria). All publication rights moved to Premier Publishing.


Casalini Libri subscribed to the 2 journals
 Casalini Libri оформила подписку на 2 журнала на 2017 г.

Italian bibliographic organisation Casalini Libri subscribed to the 2 journals for 2017


EBSCO (USA) and Bavarian State Library (Germany)
 EBSCO (США) и Баварская государственная библиотека (Германия)

The largest aggregator of scientific resources EBSCO (USA) on behalf of the Bavarian State Library (Germany) has sent a request for the provision of achieves of European Science Review journal archives and Austrian Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences to determine the volumes of subscription for 2017.


Accent Graphics Publishing & Communications
Accent Graphics Publishing & Communications

In cooperation with the publishing house Accent Graphics Publishing & Communications (Ontario, Canada), we started preparations for conducting of scientific conferences in Canada and the United States, as well as registration in Canada of a new scientific journal published jointly with the East West Association GmbH


Costs on publications in Austria’s scientific editions have been reduced!
Снижение стоимости публикаций в научных изданиях Австрии!

Now you decide on your own whether you need a printed copy of publication, or just electronic version will be sufficient for you, which is cheaper.

New costs on publications:


I International Scientific Forum of Young Scientists “East – West” on April 1-10, 2017
I Международный научный форум молодых ученых «Восток – Запад» 1-10 апреля 2017 года

Objective: Formation of dialogue platform and possibility for exchange of scientific achievements of young scientists. Expansion of international ties, exchange of experience. Discussion of the most problematic issues in a specific area of technical, natural, humanitarian and social sciences. Possibility for publication of scientific achievements.

Main objectives of the Forum:

  • Development of the youth’s scientific potential;
  • Discussion of the most topical issues of technical, natural, humanitarian and social sciences;
  • Publication and distribution of scientific achievements of young scientists;
  • Expansion of scientific and partnership contacts between higher educational institutions, exchange of experience;
  • Increase of publication activity of young scientists, doctoral candidates, postgraduate students, magistrands, students, listeners;
  • Involvement of the greatest possible number of scientists for discussion;
  • Development of final resolutions and suggestions for promotion of science among the youth


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