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Dairabayeva Gulmira

Theory and practice of international development

ISBN 978-3-903197-92-3

This research is being done in the scope of theoretical and methodical review of the issue relating to International development and its assistance. In the epoch of globalization discussion of this problem is beneficial and significant. One of the main aspects of the countries enhancement depends on the International Development. Having experienced and the sphere of International Development and trying to contribute to this area I came up with idea to arrange all thoughts, ideas, experience, knowledge taking from abroad and represent it in the form of monograph. This scientific research work gives general overview to the better understanding of the problem of International Development and also analysis its periods of establishing. From the practical significance this work will contribute to the International Development and is being represented in some practical recommendations, which can be used in practice.

More over the purpose of the work is to identify the economic effects of multilateral programs to promote international development, as well as to develop practical recommendations on the formation and development of the ID system in Kazakhstan.