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S.V. Luniov, A.I. Zimych, V.Т. Maslyuk, M. V. Khvyshchun, Yu. A. Herasymiuk

The impact of uniaxial deformation and irradiation on the electrical properties of single crystals n-Ge

ISBN 978-3-903197-05-3

The monograph is devoted to the study of the impact of the extreme deformation and radiation fields on the electrical properties of single crystals n-Ge.In the first chapter of the monograph the review of the major types of radiation defects in single crystals of germanium have provided. The theoretical models of their microstructure are also presented. In the second chapter the theory of the conductivity and Hall effect for anisotropic semiconductors, which include the germanium, have presented. In the third chapter of the monograph the results of research by the authors of the tensoeffects and galvanomagnetic phenomena at the strong uniaxial pressure and high-energy electron irradiation are presented.

The monograph for a wide range of the specialists with the physics of semiconductors and radiation physics of solids is designed. It will be useful also for the graduate students and students of physical and physical-technical specialties.