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V. Terziev, S. Dimitrova

Social programming in the context of stimulating social activity and regulation of social development through active policies

ISBN 978-3-903063-47-1

The importance of social policy for the EU as a whole and for each member state individually, including Bulgaria, stems from the fact that social policy does not exist and develop independently and in isolation from other scopes of activ-ity of the Union, but complements and unites all other EU policies. In this sense, it can be defined as a key policy for the overall development of the EU and the member states. Social problems already exist not only in the legislation field. We can point the Lisbon strategy as an example, which aims at economic, social and environmental renewal of the EU, as the economic development should not come at the expense of the social development, but the policy in terms of social development should contribute to economic development as well. In the early stages of development of the EU, social policy is seen as an extension and complement to the economic policy, as social and employment objectives are expected to be achieved automatically in the process of economic development.