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M. Sotnyk, etc.

Power supply for educational institutions: efficiency and alternatives

ISBN 978-1-77192-572-3

Proposed methodological approaches to modeling short-term forecasting and long-term planning of electrical consumption in educational institutions based on retrospective data. A logic-structural model and software of the circuit “object of monitoring of electric consumption — factors of influence — regulatory tools” of an automated system for controlling the efficiency of energy consumption in educational institutions have been developed. There are given practical recommendations of feasibility study of introduction of alternative power supply sources in educational institutions, in particular: solar generation, heat pumps, autonomous energy sources, etc.

Proposed scientific and methodological approaches to the introduction of an organizational and economic mechanism for managing the development of renewable energy in educational institutions and a motivation system for employees of the energy management service.

The monograph is a generalization of scientific research conducted by employees of Sumy State University during the state budget research work “Model of an efficiency management and forecasting system for the consumption of electric energy” (State Registration No. 0118U003583).

The monograph is intended for researchers and specialists in the implementation of energy management systems.