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Pisenko K. A., Tsindeliani I. A., Badmaev B. G., Kazaryan K. V.

Modern antitrust (competition) law of Russia

ISBN 978-3-903063-76-1

The book deals with the basic institutions of the legal regulation of compe-tition and monopoly in Russia, in a market economy, the legal mechanisms for regulating competition relations are expanded and analyzed, including separately discussed procedural aspects of regulation. It highlights the key issues of the Eu-rasian integration competition law and international legal regulation is directly determining the regulation of competition in Russia. Selected issues are illustrated by materials of judicial practice.

The book is intended for specialists interested in modern antitrust (competiti-on) law in Russia. Materials of the publication may be used for scientific purposes, in the process of training and retraining, and they can assist in the self-education of experts both of legal profile and related professions.

The legislation is provided as of June 1, 2015.

The monograph was prepared with the information support of reference and legal system “Consultant Plus”.