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Bakytzhan Kazhiyev

Increasing of the competitiveness of Kazakhstan’s electric power industry in the context of globalization

ISBN 978-3-903197-16-9

DOI https://doi.org//10.29013/KazhiyevB.ICKEPICG.2019.180

The purpose of the thesis is to develop theoretical, methodological, scientific, and practical recommendations for improving the competitiveness of the enterprises and the electricity sector of Kazakhstan in general in the global energy markets in the globalization context. The object of the research is the power industry of Kazakhstan.

The underlying theory and methodology of the research were derived from the fundamental works of foreign and domestic researchers on the theory of competitiveness, management theory, the theory of organizational development and change. The research uses general scientific methods: empirical (observations, descriptions, and measurements), logical (analysis, synthesis, comparisons, and logical modelling), method of expert assessments, methods of strategic business assessments (PESTLEGDE, 6 Porter's forces) economic analysis, and statistical methods. It analyses the power industry of Kazakhstan in the context of the global experience the power industry development, and technology development trends. The research also considers impediments on the way to better competitiveness of the power industry in Kazakhstan.

A functional model proposed in the research shows high sensitivity of the power industry competitiveness with respect to the parameters of the selected model elements. The mathematical tools of the functional model were implemented in a software, which allows for a varied analysis of the impact that various industry development strategies might have on the level of competitiveness of Kazakhstan in the global electricity market. The research studies the ways to improve the competitiveness of the electricity industry in Kazakhstan, including by using new technologies in electricity generation and grid infrastructure. Finally, the research studies how and if perspective areas of development of the global electric power industry could be applied in Kazakhstan, including smart grids.