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S. V. Gorova

Identity of informational society: problems of realisation

ISBN 978-1-77192-491-7

DOI https://doi.org/doi.org/10.29013/SVGorova.IISPR.208.2019

The development of modern information sphere, based on implementation of digital information technologies creates a unique environment with increasing volumes of excess information. Such volumes put an increasing pressure on the nervous system, intellectual activity of a human. A human has to adapt to a qualititavely new information environment. The creative potential, instruments for information processes management, including librarian processes, have to be implemented carefully. Such an approach allows to achieve the most efficient information resoucres utilization for development of society.

Further study on this problem gives more prospects for library institutions work improvement under global informatisation.

The monography is targeted at scientific workers, students studying appropriate disciplines in higher education institutions, informational workers, and a wide range of readers.